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Bone Graft

The treatment used to repair the fractures in the jawbone and to replace the missing bone is called a bone graft. In the mouth, the bone under the missing tooth is thin and there are abrasions and decreases. When a dental implant is desired in this area, bone grafting is performed to strengthen the jawbone. The reason for this is that the height of the jawbone that needs to be implanted should be at least 8 mm. With this operation, your jaw bones are restructured and this procedure is usually performed together with the implant placement operation.

Sinus Lifting

A bone graft procedure, a number of different techniques can be applied to increase the height of the bone and strengthen the bones. These may be open and closed sinus lifting (sinus lifting) bone grafting. Our Surgeon Dentists can only decide which bone graft technique to apply after fully examining the patient’s oral x-ray. To provide the necessary bone infrastructure for the implant with the sinus lifting operation to be performed, if there is bone loss in the implant area due to gingival disease and the implant cannot be performed, the sinus base is lifted upwards and grafting is performed.

Bone graft surgery is easy to heal and is a painless procedure during and after the operation.

The success of such a delicate operation depends on the methods used, the expertise, professionalism and experience of the dentists who will perform it. Our Surgeon Dentists in our clinic have expertise and sufficient experience in their fields. In our clinic, the materials used in the treatment are of the highest quality and imported from Germany.

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