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Pregnancy announcement t shirt for Family

Pregnancy announcement t shirt for Siblings

Another great option for a Pregnancy announcement t shirt is a Disney-inspired shirt. This tee pays homage to the fairytale, and Disney fans will love the 70s retro look. While this t-shirt is definitely cute, there are also some shirts out there that could be offensive to your friends and family.

Pregnancy announcement t shirt for Family

Whether you’re a big Disney fan or just want to announce your pregnancy to your closest friends, there’s a Pregnancy announcement t shirt for you! There are so many different styles to choose from. There are classic maternity shirts that are made of 100-percent cotton and come in all sorts of colors.

Pregnancy announcement t shirt for Couples

Another great option is a custom shirt for the expecting couple. Made of poly-cotton blend, this shirt has a classic style and attention-grabbing graphics. The design features an arrow pointing to both bellies. Pregnancy announcement t shirt can also be customized with fabric markers. You can even use your own artwork to create your own personalized shirt.

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